Guidelines for contribution - Code With Bishal

General Guidelines

  • Your contribution should be 100% copyright free. They should not be reproduced anywhere else including your own blog.
  • External links are not allowed.
  • Currently, we will only accept contributions in "English" language and Plain Text format.
  • Try to maintain a minimum of 800-1000 words while contributing to Code With Bishal.
  • At any time we can edit, modify, delete or reject your contribution.
  • The topic of your contribution should be Web Development projects.
  • The link of the project should be added in the link section and only text should be submitted in the respective position.
  • You cannot ask for any kind of rewards etc for your post.

What gets rejected?

  • Anyone violating instructions given on this page would get their contribution rejected.
  • Are written to market or sell something.
  • Anything biased – racially, religiously, etc. will be rejected right away.

To submit your contribution visit this link